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Rescue™ RTU Disinfecting Wipes

Super Sani Large Canister

RTU Wipes Rescue Disinfectant family




Rescue™ RTU Liquid Cleaner for Animal Health

Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer formulated with

For Use In

Animal Housing Facilities and Areas, Animal Shelters and Kennels, Animal Life Science Laboratories, Grooming Facilities, Pet Housing Facilities, Pet Stores, Surgical Suites, Transportation Vehicles, Treatment Facilities, Veterinary Practices and Offices and other Small Animal Facilities

For Use On

Animal Crates, Automatic Feeders, Carts, Counters, Diagnostic Equipment, Dog Runs, Exam Tables, Food & Water Bowls, Grooming Equipment, Handling Equipment, Hard Surfaces, Laboratory Equipment, Non-Porous Harnesses and Leashes, Tables, Transportation Crates, Trucks and Vehicles


  • Disinfectant Cleaner with Powerful Surfactants (detergents) that effectively cleans while it disinfects and disinfects while it cleans.
  • Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of difficult to kill Pathogens in only 1 Minute
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials, protecting your assets
  • Active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing environmental impact
  • Claims

    30 Seconds to  1 Minute:
    *Virucidal, Fungicidal
    1 Minute:
    Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal
    10 Seconds:
    Broad Spectrum Non-Food Contact Surface Sanitizer

    Shelf Life

    2 Years


    Contact us for specific kill times
    and technical data.

    Item # Description Wipes Size Quantity
    Rescue Ready-To-Use Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipes in Large Canister 6" x 7" 160 wipes/cn, 12 cn/cs
    Rescue Ready-To-Use Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipes in Large Canister 8" x 9" 160 wipes/cn, 12 cn/cs
    Rescue Ready-To-Use Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipes in Soft Pack 7.5" x 10" 10 wipes/pk, 20 pk/bx, 6 bx/cs
    Rescue™ RTU Disinfecting Wipes
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