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Line Cleaners from BaseVAC®

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BaseVAC Atomizer

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BaseVAC NeutraClean


BaseVAC® Atomizer

  • Our Easy 1-2-3 Atomizer was developed to deliver our BaseVac Line Cleaner by drawing a combination of air and liquid simultaneously, the way dental pumps were made to function.
  • Within two minutes the solution will be aspirated through the dental lines providing greater surface contact for a more complete cleaning of the tubing.
  • The BaseVac Atomizer mixes 10% solution with 90% air and aspirates it through the vacuum line reducing stress on the vacuum pump.

BaseVAC® NeutraClean

  • The dual action cleaner that packs a punch!
  • BaseVac NeutraClean is a super-concentrated, pH balanced formula that dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris in dental evacuation systems.
  • The unique neutral pH balanced formula is also compatible with amalgam separator devices, as recently indicated by a leading manufacturer.
UGS Medical Part # Mfr Part # Description Qty
Base Vac Atomizer Ea
UBV2830211 2830211 Base Vac NeutraClean Ea
UBV2850003 2850003 Hg5 Amalgam Separator -­‐ 1-­‐10 Chairs Ea
UBV2850004 2850004 Hg5-­‐High Volume Amalgam Separator 11-­‐20 Chairs Ea
UBV2830214 2830214 Intro Kit -­‐ Atomizer and 1 bottle NeutraClean Ea
UBV2850005 2850005 Replacement Collection Container -­‐ with recycling (US only) Ea

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BaseVAC® Line Cleaners
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