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DNTL Works® Products

430 SWL High Speed Handpiece

Probrite Portable LED 6233

430 SWL High Speed Handpiece with Turbine

Probrite Portable Halogen Light 6233


Dental Works® Lights

  • Economy, portability, and basic design were the goals DNTLworks Equipment Corporation achieved when the UltraLite Patient Chair was created.
  • The UltraLite is manufactured with a light-weight frame and reinforced steel hinges.  This chair features and adjustable knee break and a backrest that can be manually positioned from 70 degrees upright to 180 degrees supine.  The seat height may also be changed for convenience prior to admitting the patient.  Set-up and fold-down are achieved quickly and easily.
  • The UltraLite is ideal for the most rugged environments.  They include missionary work, field hospitals, clinics, private home care nursing homes, military, and many other field applications.
  • Options include armrest slings for elbow support, and headrest cushion.  A soft-sided carrying case is also available for convenient storage and transportation.


UGS Medical Part # Mfr Part # Description Qty
Portable LED light with chair mount Ea
UDWXX6033 6033 Portable Halogen light with chair mount Ea
UDWXX4012 4012 Ultralite Ea
UDWXX4036 4036 Arm Slings for Ultralite Ea
UDWXX4037 4037 Headrest for Ultralite Ea
UDWXX4038 4038 Carry Case for Ultralite Ea
UDWXX6028 6028 Carrying case for lights (soft-sided) Ea

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Solara Highspeed Handpiece

Proquest I

Solara Highspeed Handpiece

ProSeal I

Solara Highspeed HandpieceSolara Highspeed Handpiece

ProCart I and ProCart II

DNTL Works® PRO line

  • The ProQuest I and ProQuest II portable dental delivery systems from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation redefine the standard for powerful performance and self-contained portability.
  • The exceptionally powerful and quiet ProSeal I and ProSeal II self-contained hygiene units from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation exceed the standard for quality in portable sealant programs.
  • The ProCart I offers powerful performance in a self-contained dental operatory system, making it a system of choice for today's dental professionals.
  • The innovative ProCart II combines the best attributes of self-contained mobility and a high-tech design that's perfectly suited for professional in-office use..
  • ProCart III mobile treatment console introduces the latest advancements in self-contained delivery systems technology into the progressive dental practice.  ProCart III joins the growing family of other successful self-contained products from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation.
UGS Medical Part # Mfr Part # Description Qty
UDWXX2600 2600 Procart I 2600 Ea
Procart II 2200 Ea
Carrying case Procart II Ea
Procart III Ea
Carrying case procart III Ea
Proquest I  
Proseal II Ea

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Solara Highspeed Handpiece

Supreme Hydraulic Chair

Solara Highspeed Handpiece

Surprene Scissor Chair


DNTL Works® Chairs

  • The foot activated hydraulic pump base provides many of the functions and features associated with electric base chairs which weigh considerably more.  In addition to the variable height adjustment, this base offers a 360 degree swivel radius with locking capabilities.  The integral arm slings and supportive side bolsters insure the patient's comfort, while the double articulating headrest provides perfect head positioning for difficult procedures. The backrest folds effortlessly onto the seat for easy separation from the hydraulic base and the entire unit can be easily transported in two pieces using the base handle and optional carrying bag.
  • The same elegant chair styling comes in this single unit with the multi-position scissor base.  Height adjustment for the seat is easily performed prior to admitting the patient.  Storing for transport in its optional carrying bag, the Scissor Base Supreme Aluminum Patient Chair provides the professional with exceptional, portable functionality in a single, lightweight package.
UGS Medical Part # Mfr Part # Description Qty
Supreme Hydraulic Chair Ea
Supreme Scissor Chair Ea
Basic Hydraulic Chair Ea
Basic Scissor Chair Ea

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DNTLWorks® Products
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