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Activate™ Bleach Sprayer

Bleach Sprayer

Activate Bleach Sprayer
with spray head, reusable water cartridge (left) and disposable bleach cartridge (right)

Bleach Sprayer Kit

Activate Bleach Sprayer Starter Kit
includes 2 spray heads, 2 reusable water cartridges and 6 disposable bleach cartrdige refills

No More Mixing Bleach!
Automatically Mixes a 10% Solution Every Time!


EPA-Approved Kill Times:
HIV-1: 30 seconds
HBV: 30 seconds
MRSA: 2 minutes
Bacteria: 2 minutes
C. difficile spores: 4 minutes

  • Convenient Activate Bleach Sprayer automatically mixes and dispenses 5.25% sodium hydrochlorite (bleach) with tap water at a 9:1 ratio of water to bleach, to produce a 5000 ppm bleach disinfectant and sterilant for institutional use on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant bleach is approved to kill C. difficile spores in 4 minutes
  • Pre-filled bleach cartridges have a special pre-calibrated valve at the top that ensures a perfect 10% bleach mixture
  • Activate Bleach Sprayer keeps the bleach separate from the water until you spray, so the 10% solution is always fresh and effective when you squeeze the trigger
  • Economical - each bleach cartridge makes 1 gallon of 10% solution, and saves money on product, freight and plastic waste
  • Water cartridge is easily refilled at your faucet and is held securely to the sprayer by the unique locking tab at the base of the sprayer


Click here to go to the Liquid Disinfectants Chart for more information, including kill times and tested pathogens.

Item # Description Quantity
MLCS00060C Activate Complete Bleach Sprayer - Includes Bleach Sprayer Head, Water Cartridge (empty) and 11 oz 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge 1 ea/bx
DFSK162062 Activate Complete Bleach Sprayer 6+2 Starter Kit - Includes 2 ea. Bleach Sprayer Heads, 2 ea. Water Cartridges (empty) and 6 ea. 11 oz 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge Refills 1 kit/cs
MLBC162102 Activate 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge Refills, 11 oz 12 ea/cs
Activate™ Bleach Sprayer
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