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CaviWipes® Surface Disinfectant Wipes
and Bracket

Cavi Wipes Canister

CaviWipes are available
in convenient canisters,
with the choice of two sizes of wipes:
6"x6.75" for small jobs, or
9 "x12" (XL) for bigger jobs


Caviwipes in use

CaviWipes FlatPack can stick WHERE you need it, so you have it WHEN you need it!

Caviwipes in use 2

Resealable package sticks onto beds, carts, trays - anywhere you need the power of CaviCide in a wipe!


Cavi Wipes Packet

XL sized wipes are also available in individual packets.


Cavi Wipes Wall Bracket

CaviWipes® Disinfectant Towelettes

  • 3 Minute or Less Kill Time means CaviWipes® kills pathogens before it dries
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, including MRSA, VRE, Salmonella, HBV, HCV and Influenza A
  • Convenient and ready to use
  • Stays fully saturated with high fluid capacity
  • Fragrance free - ideal for use around fragrance-sensitive individuals
  • Gentle on sensitive equipment
  • Superior surface contact since the durable, nonwoven towels won't bunch up during use
  • Ideal for nonporous surfaces such as infant incubators, care cribs, anesthesia machines and respiratory equipment, lab equipment, ambulance equipment, tables, chairs, countertops, eyeglasses and telephones


Contact us for specific kill times
and technical data.


CaviWipes® FlatPack

  • Easy-open, resealable patented flip top for easy dispensing
  • Adhesive strips on back of package allows for sticking on metal cabinets, trays, wheelchairs, cards, counter, or ANYWHERE YOU NEED A SURFACE DISINFECTANT!
  • The EPA and the Joint Commission are asking facilities to reduce their plastic medical waste. CaviWipes Flatpack packaging is recyclable and has less volume and weight compared to classic plastic containers
  • Flatpack offers 50% savings in surface disinfectant waste disposal costs



CaviWipesXL™ Individually Packaged Wipes

  • Disinfects on the go
  • XL sized wipes cover a large area with excellent saturation





Wall Mount Bracket for CaviWipes® and CaviWipesXL® Canisters

Keep your CaviWipes conveniently located

  • Durable white powder coated metal construction
  • Holds both CaviWipes canisters!
    - CaviWipes® Canister MACW078100
    - CaviWipesXL® Canister MACW078150
  • Prominent label reminds users of proper CaviWipes use
  • Wall mount screws not included
Item # Description Wipe Size Quantity
MACW078100 CaviWipes® Disinfectant Towelette Canister 6" x 6.75" 160 wipes/can, 12 can/cs
MACW078150 CaviWipes® Disinfectant XL Towelette Canister 9" x 12" 65 wipes/can, 12 can/cs
MACW078155 CaviWipesXL® Individual Disinfectant Towelette Packets 9 " x 12 " 50 ea/bx, 6 bx/cs
MACW078224 CaviWipes Flatpack 7" x 9" 45 wipes/pk, 20 pk/cs
ACWB078175 Wall Mount Bracket for CaviWipes® and CaviWipesXL® Canisters - Dimensions: 6"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"D   1 ea/bx
CaviWipes® Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket
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