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KimGuard® Sterilization Wrap




KimGuard Sterilization Wrap

KimGuard® Sterilization Wraps are packaged in high quantities for cost and space savings.

The Original SMS Sterilization Wrap

  • Developed by Kimberly-Clark over 30 years ago, KimGuard® sterilization wrap is still the gold standard for optimal barrier protection against bacteria and dirt. The three layers include:
    ~ Spunbond top layer
    ~ Meltblown inner layer
    ~ Spunbond bottom layer
  • Designed for double wrapping surgical instruments and supply sets
  • Available in KC200 (moderate) and KC500 (maximum) strength levels
  • Superior barrier and strength properties
  • Patented "Daisy" bond pattern
  • Wide choice of sizes to fit every need, in economical bulk packs

Kimberly Clark Wrap Diagram

The outer Spunbound layers of KimGuard wrap provide exceptional strength and durability. The inner multi-layers of Meltblown fibers provide an optimal barrier to bacteria and liquids while allowing penetration of gas sterilants (steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and plasma).

Item # Dimensions Quantity
KC200 - Moderate Strength
KSWS026012 12" x 12" 1000 ea/cs
KSWS026018 18" x 18" 1000 ea/cs
KSWS026024 24" x 24" 500 ea/cs
KSWS026030 30" x 30" 300 ea/cs
KSWS026036 36" x 36" 300 ea/cs
KC500 - Heavy Duty
KSWS026145 45" X 45" 100 ea/cs
KSWS026154 54" x 54" 50 ea/cs
Kimberly-Clark® KimGuard® Sterilization Wrap
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