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Special Purpose Syringes
Oral Medication Syringe

Monoject™ Oral Medication Syringes

  • Permanent, heat-etched dual graduations
  • Tip will not accept hypodermic needle
  • Polypropylene
  • Ribbed tip caps packaged separately
  • Amber color available for light-sensitive drugs
Item # Description Size Quantity
SOAD019006 Amber Oral Medication Syringe 1ml - 0.01ml/0.5 minims 100 ea/bx, 5 bx/cs
KODS019002 Clear Oral Medication Syringe 3ml - 0.1ml/0.25 tsp 100 ea/bx, 5 bx/cs
KOAS019003 Amber Oral Medication Syringe 10ml - 0.2ml/0.25 tsp 100 ea/bx, 5 bx/cs
Monoject™ Oral Medication Syringes
Monoject IV Heparin Flush Syringe

Monoject™ I.V. Heparin Flush Syringe

  • Terminally sterile
  • Drug stopper quality plunger tip
  • Color coded
  • Low breakforce
  • Latex and preservative free
  • Monoject™ BlunTip™ Cannula
Item # Description NDC Number Quantity
KHSY019125 Monoject™ 12ml Syringe, Filled with 5ml 10U/ml Heparin Flush 17474-0123-05 30 ea/bx, 6 bx/cs
Monoject™ I.V. Heparin Flush Syringe
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