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Universal Tube Caps

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One Cap Fits 4 Tube Sizes - Saves Space and Money

Universal Tube Cap Diagram

Ingenious design uses both ends of the cap to fit FOUR tube sizes.

  • Unique design fits four sizes of tubes: 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 16mm
  • Easily inserted with one hand
  • Fits common test tubes and specialty tubes, both glass and plastic
  • Economical and space saving! Purchase and store one cap instead of four different sizes - bulk count adds to your savings
  • Seven cap colors coordinate with most common and popular tube colors for ease of use
  • Semi-flexible polyethylene construction is leak-resistant and preserves sample integrity, both at room temperature and refrigerated (freezing not recommended), and minimizes evaporation loss
  • Crack-resistant caps fit snugly and will not fall off during agitation (centrifuge not recommended)
  • Non-sterile
Item # Description Quantity
DUTC15311B Universal Tube Caps Light Blue
1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311R Universal Tube Caps Red 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311W Universal Tube Caps White 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311Y Universal Tube Caps Yellow 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311G Universal Tube Caps Green 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311L Universal Tube Caps Lavender 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
DUTC15311D Universal Tube Caps Dark Blue 1000 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs
Universal Tube Caps
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