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The only scientifically validated training technology for the WHO hand hygiene protocol

Hand Hygiene Training

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The SureWash training for wards comes in the form of a mobile e-learning cart that both staff and visitors can use in their own time.

  • Up to 40% of HAIs have been attributed to cross-infection from the hands of healthcare workers.
  • Handwashing is the easiest and most effective way to avoid infections.
  • Engages healthcare workers and caregivers with gaming technology.
  • SureWash helps hospitals to implement the World Health Organisation (WHO) hand hygiene improvement strategy by ensuring that hand hygiene training, evaluation and feedback is accessible to staff, 24-7.
  • Makes training and compliance much less labour intensive.

According to the CDC, 2 million US patients get a hospital acquired infection (HAI) every year, and 99,000 people die in America from these infections.

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SureWash Training System
GSST437001 Surewash Hand Hygiene Training System 1 ea
SureWash Hand Hygiene Training Technology
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