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CleanSpray® Faucet and Shower
Water Disinfection System

Clean Spray Filter Cutaway image

The CleanSpray® system consists of an attachable device (to either faucet or shower hose) which holds the unique, patented filter.

Inside of Filter for CleanSpray Faucet Filter

The innovative filter has more surface area for faster filtration.

Cutaway Diagram of the CleanSpray Filter

CleanSpray Faucet Filter SystemCleanSpray Faucet Filter System In Use

The Faucet Filter system easily installs on a standard faucet. Pre-assembled unit eliminates pathogens for up to 90 days and is disposable.


CleanSpray HandShower System

The HandShower system consists of a reusable chrome or white plastic showerhead and the filter that it houses.

CleanSpray Hand Shower Chrome

The HandShower system's showerhead is reusable, saving money and reducing waste.

Innovative New Disposable Filters Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria, Including Legionnella and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
From Tap Water

Helps VA facilities maintain compliance with VHA Directive 1061,
by reducing Legionella bacteria
from the water supply

The Filters:

  • Patented new design with more surface area allows for use up to 90 days, saving replacement costs and labor
  • Intended for use with a potable water supply, in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Tested for integrity - meets ASTM standards D6908-03 and F838-05.
  • Filters do not use chemicals to purify. Uses a unique design and minerals which capture water contaminants before they are drank or aerosolized, resulting in purer water that's safer to drink and shower in.
  • Tested effective in reducing Legionnella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, with 99.9999% (6 log) reduction.
    - Legionella causes serious respiratory illnesses including Legionnaire's Disease. This bacteria is present in natural bodies of water. Water treatment systems do not completely eliminate it, and many institutional facilities' systems create the ideal conditions for its growth (110F - 115F). Showering in contaminated water can cause the bacteria to enter the lungs by inhalation of the bacteria aerosolized in the water.
    - Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes severe blood and respiratory infections.
  • Also filters out other bacteria and protozoan cysts which are >0.15 microns in size.
  • Ensures clean water for untreated cold water systems, when chemical concentrate levels are low, and in low flow pumbing areas where bacteria can thrive.
  • Chemical-free system does not contribute to the development of resistant bacteria.
  • Compatible with common potable water treatment chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide and copper-silver ions. Effective in water with common substances.
  • Works with normal water pressure, and no electricity is required for use, making CleanSpray™ inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Will not damage plumbing.
  • Sold in Europe for 12 years with no incident or recall
  • Note: does not remove viruses, heavy metals or chemicals from water.
  • Ideal for:
    - VA Hospitals
    - Transplant Units
    - Oncology
    - Neonatal
    - Acute care facilities
    - Long-term care facilities
    - Hotels
    - Fitness and Sports facilities

CleanSpray® Faucet Filter System

  • For use on standard faucets
  • Easy and fast to install: attaches to faucet with 55/64" female standard plumbing connection which connects to standard 15/16" male faucet spout. No extra parts or tools needed.
  • Housing is made of ABS plastic with chrome plated brass and polyethylene. Unit is completely asssembled and is disposable.
  • Size: 4.75" x 4.3" x 3"

CleanSpray® HandShower System

  • For use on showers, replacing the showerhead
  • Easy and fast to install: standard 1/2" male thread inlet connects are compatible with most standard shower hoses without additional hardware. No tools needed for installation.
  • Durable shower head is available in either chrome-plated metal or white plastic.
  • Set includes one showerhead device and 10 filters.
  • 5-Packs of replacement filters are available.

CleanSpray HandShower installed in a shower

The HandShower system is easily installed on standard shower hoses.

Item # Description Quantity
AFFS382406 CleanSpray® Faucet Filter System - disposable faucet filter with both micro and prefilter - includes 1 adaptor with rubber O-ring 10 ea/cs
ACHS382302 CleanSpray® Chrome HandShower System - hand shower with replaceable micro filter inside handle 10 ea/cs
APHS382415 CleanSpray® Plastic HandShower System - hand shower with replaceable micro filter inside handle, white 10 ea/cs
ADRF382413 Disposable Replacement Filters for CleanSpray® HandShower System (fits both chrome and white plastic showerheads) 5 ea/pk
CleanSpray® Water Disinfection System
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