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CleanSpray Water Disinfecting Filter Systems

CleanSpray® Water Disinfecting Filters in Faucet Attachment or Shower Head
Reduces 99.9999% of bacteria, including Legionnella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, from tap water to reduce respiratory infections in compromised patients.

CleanSpray Water Disinfecting Filter Systems

SureWash helps hospitals to implement the World Health Organisation (WHO) hand hygiene improvement strategy by ensuring that hand hygiene training, evaluation and feedback is accessible to staff, 24-7.

Drainage Bulb Holders

Drainage Bulb Holders
Elastic bands and abdominal binders with integral surgical drainage bulb holders for patient comfort and HAI reduction.

Professional Protection Stations

Professional Protection Stations and Organizers
Hold and dispense PPE and hand hygiene for medical personnel

Respiratory Hygiene Stations
Respiratory Hygiene Stations
Hold and dispense hand hygiene for patients and visitors in public areas
Innovative IV Gown
Innovative IV Reusable Patient Gowns
Cloth patient gown with IV snap sleeves, telemetry slits, and pockets for medical devices.
MediLock healthcare and safety security lock kit

MediLock™ Healthcare & Safety Security Lock Kit

Support pillows

Support Pillows


Handy organizer for critical emergency or procedural information

IV Poles

IV Poles
Standard, Pitch-It, and Deluxe IV Poles

TakeAway Mail-Away medication disposal system

TakeAway Mail-Away Medication Disposal System

Sanipull Cleanable Pulls

Sanipull Cleanable Pulls
Vinyl ribbon pulls for overbed lights, bathrooms and nurse call stations

Bariatric Blood Pressure Monitor

Bariatric Blood Pressure Monitor

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