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Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier

RedZ Spill Solidifier


Bio Cleaner

Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier

  • Solidifies and deodorizes water-based spills, including potentially infectious, biohazardous blood and bodily fluids
  • Cost-effective clean-up solution
  • Easy to use! Solid crystals eliminate splashing and allow for controlled distribution onto the spill
  • Three convenient sizes - single use packet, shaker canister and bulk pail




Bio Clean-Up Scooper and Scraper

Combination Scooper/Scraper
Helps Clean Up Spills

  • Convenient bio clean-up Scooper features a disposable plastic scoop and detachable scraper to easily clean up absorbed spills


Item # Description Quantity
STRZ140109 Single Use Packets Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 0.75 oz 288 ea/cs
STRZ140101 Shaker Canister Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 5 oz 24 ea/cs
STRZ140115 Bulk Pail Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 3.5 lbs./56 oz 1 ea/cs
SBCS140170 Bio Clean-Up Scooper 50 ea/bx, 6 bx/cs
Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier
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