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Telfa™"Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressings
Telfa Ouchless Non-Adherent Dressings

Telfa "Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressings

  • Superior "Ouchless" Telfa dressing is clinically proven to not disrupt healing wound tissue by sticking to wound
  • Highly absorbent 100% USP grade cotton pad is ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds, minimizing skin maceration
  • Bonded on both sides with perforate non-adherent film and can be cut to any shape without separating
  • Tested to provide the optimal balance of non-adherence and exudate migration, creating a moist wound healing environment
  • Each sterile dressing is individually wrapped in an easy-open peel envelope
  • Easy to use - an ideal take home dressing
Item # Description Quantity
KTNA019961 2" x 3" Telfa™ "Ouchelss" Non-Adherent Dressing, Sterile 1's in Peel-Back Package 100 pkg/bx, 24 bx/cs
KTNA019132 3" x 4 " Telfa™ "Ouchelss" Non-Adherent Dressing, Sterile 1's in Peel-Back Package 100 pkg/bx, 24 bx/cs
Telfa™ "Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressings
Telfa Mini Island Dressing

Telfa Mini-Island Dressing Features the Same Quality "Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressing, Surrounded by an Adhesive Bandage

  • Combines the sterile non-adherent pad with an adherent bandage which seals to skin on all four sides
  • Ideal for central and peripheral IV sites
Item # Description Quantity
KTAI019539 2" x 3.75" Telfa™ Mini Island Non-Adherent Dressing, Sterile 1's in Peel-Back Package 50 ea/dispenser, 1 disp/cs
Telfa™ Mini Island Non-Adherent Dressing
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